Support collection and analysis of jail data.

  • Set statewide standards to improve consistency in jail data collection and reporting, including behavioral health data.
  • Use financial incentives to improve data collection and analysis.
  • Support collaboration among counties to collect and analyze data.
  • Assess the impact of state policies on jails and prisons.
  • Track and publish pretrial performance measures, including failure to appear and rearrest rates by risk level.
  • Support data sharing between criminal justice agencies.

Adopt policies that improve pretrial decisions and reduce burdens on jails.

  • Require use of a validated pretrial risk assessment tool.
  • Provide funding to increase adoption of risk assessments, as needed.
  • Establish clear criteria with due process protections for pretrial detention based on risk, and eliminate use of bond schedules.
  • Establish and support pretrial services.
  • Promote use of citation in lieu of arrest.
  • Promote court and jail-based diversion by statutorily defining eligibility for diversion and establishing timing of appointment of counsel.
  • Fund local diversion approaches for people who have behavioral health needs that demonstrate alignment with locally identified needs, gaps, and circumstances.
  • Provide resources to support the prosecution’s and defense counsel’s engagement prior to initial court appearances.