Ensure that state agencies have the capacity to collect performance measures.

  • Invest in IT upgrades or develop new infrastructure necessary to accurately collect data regularly.
  • Support local government efforts to collect and report data.
  • Identify key performance measures and metrics that must be tracked to analyze whether policy reforms are working as intended.
  • Ensure that state and local criminal justice agencies share data, as appropriate, to facilitate analysis of performance measures and metrics.

Establish responsibility for reporting and monitoring results.

  • Identify agencies that are responsible for tracking key measures and metrics and create a process for them to regularly report data.
  • Establish a leadership body responsible for holding agencies accountable for reporting data, monitoring results, and providing recommendations for improvement.

Educate stakeholders, policymakers, and the public to maintain momentum.

  • Create user-friendly data reports to make information available and accessible to criminal justice system stakeholders.
  • Develop an outreach strategy to engage and educate stakeholders and the public on progress and outcomes of reforms.
  • Adjust statute, policy, or implementation strategy based on data and stakeholder feedback, as necessary.